Simplicity IV Management System
The ZipLift
The Ziplift IV Transfer System works like a normal IV pole, but it enables nurses to transfer IV poles to and from patient's beds without lifting or detaching pumps. The system raises and lowers effortlessly to detach the IV Transfer Pole to and from the bed, separating the IV Transfer Pole from the Ziplift Stand. Since this system can be used anywhere in the hospital, the result is safer, easier, and faster patient transport. Complimentary accessory features include: 8 hook topper, BOA Line Organizer, and IV Management Stand.
  • Ziplift securely places the IV Pole directly onto the patient bed eliminating the risk of separation
  • The IV Pole stays with the patient for the entire stay - no more moving pumps and bags to other poles
  • Ziplift works with any bed, any stretcher, anywhere throughout the hospital
  • The IV Pole remains within the bed footprint and provides for clear patient head access
  • Ziplift improves efficiency, productivity, and the quality of patient care
Simplicity IV Data Sheet
Simplicity IV Video Overview
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